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why everyone need to hear your story

This article has been drenched from one of my ideal and inspiration Lisa Nichols.

When life gets really busy, life gets really noisy, life gets a bit chaotic and all of a sudden the noise and the chatter becomes louder than your intuition. I love it when we can have moments like this. Five minutes, seven minutes, 10 minutes, and it's like a layer of acknowledgment, a layer of you're on the right path, or a layer of course correction, let's start going to the right, you're going a little to the left, let's go to the right. And so I just want to literally, literally celebrate you and remind you please keep commenting. That's the place where we see each other, we talk to each other, and I get to see what's on your heart and on your mind, and I definitely want to see that. You know so many people come to me with the statement, I have a story to tell, and I absolutely agree. Every single one of us has a story. We have more than one story, and what I had to realize was that my story doesn't even belong to me, your story doesn't even belong to you, so if you've ever felt that calling in your belly to share your story, it's because it's real. That your story, that molehill, that mountain that you climbed over, someone is on their way to that very same experience, or they're right in the middle of it right now, or they just got out of it, or they've been out of it, but they want to know that they're not alone. You know what I love about our stories is that our stories can be used to inspire people. 

Our stories can be used to encourage and to connect. What I definitely want you to be really clear on though, is that every story doesn't have to be told the exact same way. You see, we see all of the traditional ways that people told stories, on main stages as stage speakers like myself, or like Les Brown or Tony Robbins or someone of that magnitude, and we think that that's the way I'm supposed to tell my story. Or we read the books, we read the autobiographies, and we read the stories and we go oh my God, that's how I'm supposed to tell my story. But the reality is your stories can be just as valuable in a small circle, of children, or seniors or recovering addicts, like your story is applicable everywhere and anywhere. It doesn't require you to become a literacy specialist. It doesn't require you to become a stage speaker. If that's the way you want to deliver it, then, by all means, get on the stage, grab a pen, write your story, publish it and share it. But if you know your story is simply meant to inspire people and you want to get to those who need inspiration, then go find a group home and share with those children. Find a DUI facility, a drug, and alcohol facility, where people who have said I want to change my life. Go and spend time volunteering at a women's battered shelter. Go in a senior facility, like there are so many places that your story will be one thousand percent effective because there are people wanting and needed to hear them. 

So if you have a story, and you don't believe that it belongs just to you, it's because it doesn't. There's someone waiting to be inspired, encouraged, to grab a hold of their determination again, to grab a hold of their perseverance again, to grab a hold of their faith again, and they'll find that doorway to get to that faith, that renewed passion, that renewed joy, that renewed self-esteem, they'll find the doorway through your story. So don't try to make it perfect. As a matter of fact, people love your imperfection more than they love your perfection. Let it fall out, let it stumble out, learn how to tell it. Tell it with tears if necessary. Just tell it because your story is never meant for you to keep, your story was meant to help transform us. Now, remember, this show is a lot of things, but it's not a monologue. It's not a performance, it's not a place where you come and you just wait to be fixed. 

I would love to hear from you in the comment box of what were some of your biggest lessons about your story that would help others in many ways. Please feel free to share with us.

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