Top 5 Skills For Jobs in 2020 Best Tips For Career In Future

What are the top 5 skills for a job in 2020 that could give you new shape to your career?

Top 5 Skills For Job in 2020, best tips for career in future
Top 5 Skills For Job in 2020

According to the surveys the companies always give higher importance to the Soft skills as much as they give importance to Hard skills. If you don't know what the soft skills and hard skills you can read this article.

Well if you are perfect in hard skills but your behavior is not good if you are good at software but your communication skills are bad, then for the company growth hiring you won't be worth neither for you. So if you want to grow in your career, make yourself employable, and want better performance and achieve higher positions then you should start learning these top 5 skills for a job in 2020.

1) Communication Skills 

More than 30% of companies have mentioned communication skills in the top of the list, Well many people have this misconception that you need to be perfect in the English language but by communication skills actually means the art of speaking, the art of making your  speech understandable and easy for others to know what you really trying to say or describe.

And when I say the English language yes you should keep learning English too, it can be an advantage for you.

(Quick Tip to improve your communication skills)
Always try to make your speech short and simple

2) Emotional Intelligence

Having standard knowledge but not having skills to manage stress and your emotions could lead you to fall down. So yes emotional intelligence is the next skill that companies are looking for. You must have seen all the leaders have this quality that they are emotionally intelligent and strong they know how to control their thoughts, emotions, and everything that is not beneficial for the growth of their companies.

(Quick Tip to improve your emotional intelligence skills)

Whenever you have negative thoughts do always find the reason behind that thought or feeling and accept it because when you know the exact reason, you will find a way to fix that emotion for the next time and that will help to make you emotionally intelligent.

3) Critical Thinking

Companies want leaders, people who are smart, innovative, affable, creative and critical thinking has also in the top skills that the companies are looking for.

What critical thinking is?
 Going in-depth of something, or finding more different ways or ideas, taking challenges to think differently in more innovative ways.

Critical thinking makes you a creative, innovative and smart thinker. We all know Steve Jobs he is the best example that how he brings the revolution in the computer market and make it part of every house that is just because of his critical thinking.

 (Quick Tip to improve your critical thinking skills)

Always try to find more innovative, and creative ideas whatever you see around.

4)  Problem Solving Skills

By 2020, more than 35% organization will require problem-solving skills abilities for the employes, As we all are living in a dynamic world where every day a new technology is changing up, new services, policies, new market, competition, everything keeps on updating and changing; so if you want to grow and enhance your job you must be a good problem-solving skills. You must come up with new ideas that how you can solve the problems in a way that no one has done it before or maybe least in a better way than others

 (Quick Tip to improve your problem-solving skills)

Whenever you get stuck and you say I can't just say HOW CAN I. Take help from the resources and figure out the things that you can't to HELL YES!!

5) People Management Skills

To grow your business all you need is people (apart from hard skills), that means success is also comes from the people around you. Let's assume you are leading in an organization and people over there doesn't like you so just because of the soft skills that you are lacking in this will be a disadvantage for you because people don't want to for with such people, so yaa people management skill is also a very important part of soft skills to grow in your industry or whatever work you are doing.

Quick Tip to improve your people management skills

Practice "Assertiveness" that means you have to say whatever you want to say without being negative and without hurting the feeling of others.

Learning new sills it's always an advantage and there are many more that I will be updating soon.
So, these are the top 5 skills for a job in 2020 that will boost up your career and gives you a great advantage and impact in your life.  

leave your comment below that what skills are you working on.

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