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How To Get Rid  The Of Fear Of Being Alone
How To Get Rid  The Of Fear Of Being Alone

Do you ever felt lonely or have those feelings of being alone. How to get rid of the fear of being alone. You care or not but someone in this world cares for you. Well, I believe we all been through that situation and if you don't let go this feeling of being alone it could suppress you to mental illness.

Someone told me that they felt alone all the time they felt as though the world had given up on them all the hopes. But what I want to tell you the truth is that you're never alone it doesn't happen; each human being has within himself or herself a constant angel that watches over them all the time. Now we may occasionally feel depressed or lonely or feel that no one is looking out for us but this feeling is merely a trick of imagination it is just to remind us that we have to work harder on ourselves as it says if you work hard on yourself more than you do on your job.

 You will only be happy but you'll always be  satisfied with everything that you've  got  and it's worth repeating to you the same  sentence over and over again if you need  to that you're never alone just to  remember that there's something else  also to keep in mind and that is that if  you constantly focus on what you are  lacking you will never be satisfied or  fulfilled never if you keep for instance  thinking that how much you would love to  have a bouquet of flower on your table  it would be so much nicer and so much  prettier but then if you can't get that  bouquet of flower you'll suffer and  you'll be hurt by the fact that you  couldn't get what you wanted but why not  focus instead on the fact that you have  a table to sit at  or you can read a book or have a meal or  meet with a friend or a spouse and  discuss issues of importance. You see the flowers are just a tool to help you make it nicer but it's not necessary it's just a tool you can do without it and if you want to change of life of satisfaction and fulfillment into a life of need and constants have then you'll always be missing.

What you don't have if  you're constantly waiting for a happy moment to arrive you'll find  yourself waiting for a very long time  it's important to seize the moment and  focus on what you have at the present  rather than what you would like to have to think about who you are and what you've  got so far loving your word for instance  means to experience a state of deeper  inner fulfillment and what's going on  with what you're doing but keep in mind  however that the blessing of having the  job is nothing more than a tool what you  feel inside and what you know should  always be focused on the fact that  you're not alone you're never alone.

There's always that angel that watches over you and even if you don't believe  in heavens and angels and the Creator  that's all right  look around you and ask yourself the  question who is it that helps you wake  up in the morning you know is it that  helps you when things are difficult to  get over these humps or the difficulties  that you may be experiencing is it your  mind no it's your inner being your inner  being  is the godly soul that you have within  yourself you could call it however you  wish but the bottom line is that is what  protects you and guides you in every  single night when you go and get  reenergized from the heavens your body  wakes up refreshed and completely a new so use this opportunity and remember  that you're never ever alone and you can easily find a better ways to get rid of the fear of being alone.

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