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12 Habits of highly successful people

 Habits of highly successful people
12 Habits Of Highly Successful People

Let's come straight to the point that we are going to discuss in this post. The topic is 12 habits of highly successful people this has been taken from the book (12 habits of highly successful people) written by Jordan B. Peterson. The writer is a very famous personality plus he is a professor of Psychology at Toronto University. 

Let's see what are the 12 Habits of highly successful people.

1) Stand UP Straight With Your Shoulders Back
This simply means that you should stand straight and keep your shoulders back like a winner if you stand with a dull posture the world looks you as a loser and then we take their reactions as negative feedback which impact our lives and we stand as a loser in our own image and that what we represent us to the world as a loser and this cycle goes on and on. So the author wants to describe if you stand straight with your shoulder back the world will treat you like a winner and you will treat yourself also as a winner in your own image.

2) Treat Yourself Like Someone You're Responsible For Helping

You should always treat yourself better as you treat others, according to the study majority of the people don't care for themselves as they care for someone they love. Let see this with an example if your dog gets sick it's obvious that you will bring some medicines, but if you get sicks you won't be taking the medicines at all that means you take care of others more than you take care of yourself. So you should always treat yourself like you help others in time they need help.

3) Make Friends With People Who Wants The Best For You

Now, this is really important that you have to be very choosy while making friends, but this doesn't mean that you are selfish. Helping one other is very important in friendship, whenever if you feel helpless or demotivated your friend should be always up for you to cheer up and motivates you, same as in case if they are feeling low or discouraged it's your responsibility to cheer them and motivates them with some more positive vibes. So this actually shows that people who really care and want the best for you should be in your circle.

4) Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday Not With Others

This rule speaks about the improvement and the progress that you are making in your daily life, you should always compare yourself with yours yesterday's results rather than comparing with other people. There are 7 billion people on this planet and it's obvious there would be many who are much better than you in your field if you compare yourself with those people it will only gonna lead you to stress and negative feedbacks. So if you really want to make progress in life make sure you always compare your results with yesterday's results and while seeing the changes and improvements it will give brings more positivity and wealth to your life.

5) Do Not Let Your Children Do Anything That Makes You Dislike Them

According to the studies it has been proven that some children are aggressive from their childhood, so to make a child good citizen parents should make all the effort to make them a good citizen instead of expecting from someone else or the society.

6) Set Your House In a Perfect Order Before You Criticize The World

You might have seen some people in your life who always gives advice for no reasons and if you ask them What are your achievements? There will be some answers like that it looks easy but hard to do and stuff like that. So this rule says exactly the same until you set your life in proper order, do not spit the free advice to anyone.

7) Live a Meaningful Life (Do not live a life for your own happiness)

To live a life full of dignity you must have to set up the rules first no matter what the temptations you face you always have to stick to your rules.

You might have heard the story of  a monkey who gets caught by the hunter when he was trying to take out the cookies from the jar, when he put his hand inside the jar to take the cookies out he couldn't take his hand back with cookies because as he opens his hand and the cookies fall back inside the jar, and while trying a lot he gets caught in the end.

So, always remember do not falls or breaks your life rules whenever the temptations come.

8) Tell The Truth, Or at least Don't Lie

Never speaks a lie, especially to yourself, now this rule doesn't say that you should not dream big but it says make your dreams realistic and flexible and when you start growing in your life the vision for your goals will also get clearer, so do not lie to yourself for something that you haven't done anything yet but yes as I said when you start growing your perceptions will change too for the things to make them come true.

9) Assume That The Person You Are Listening To Might Know Something You Don't 

The main motive to start a conversation with someone is to learn something new from them that you didn't know before. The main goal of any conversation is to bring up the new idea from other people's ideas and thoughts. But nowadays what I observed mostly rather than speaking up the ideas people use to talk about their personal life and their sad stories. 

10) Be Precise In Your Speech

Life is very complex and the majority of people learn only the things that it's important for them but indeed you should always learn more things than your needs and for that, you need good and very clear communication.

For example, if you go to a doctor for a checkup you must be very clear and precise in your speech that how and when it happens so that the doctor could actually help to diagnose the case. The same tact you have to apply in every area of life to make your speech clear and precise.

11) Do Not Bother The Children When They Are Skateboarding 

Always prepare your loved ones for risky tasks rather than not doing anything which is risky ( here I don't mean that something which could be breathtaking), but yes as we know life is full of ups and downs and it's much more worthy for preparing your loved ones for some challenging and risky tasks for their future to handle the situations.

12) Pet A Cat When You Encounter One On The Street

Life is full of obstacles and we know time never stays the same as it happens with everyone when you face the sad phase of life,  so it's very important to celebrate every small happiness that you encounter with no matter what just face the life while celebrating every situation. 

So, these are the 12 Habits Of Highly Successful People that could help you in your life to makes you successful and a more happiest person.

 If you have any suggestions or wants to share your thoughts comment section is always yours, feel free to comment down below about the 12 Habits Of Highly Successful People that have actually change your life or if not are you going to apply them let me know.

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