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How To Make Fast Progress In Life
 One of my favorite authors from spiritual writers is Joel Goldsmith I mean he's really good because he's a mystic and as a path I like and a sense of you are really in tune with the divine and you get to witness continuously in every moment the miracles and how really life is an effortless experience because its life is us we are living in isn't what happens to you is who you are and when you master that of the self by continuously knowing and realizing and being who you are you're constantly empowering yourself and you are you might say progressing quickly towards what towards your full realization and activation of yourself that would always be somehow there's no limit given who we are here's the deal . 

So I was reading and I decide what I like to use like different books sometimes there's an Oracle I said okay I just divine books you know so I'll just open and I'll say oh so you know what's the message and it was so great because it's exactly what I do.  I've got a call it's great but he says you want to maintain God-consciousness well yes because God-consciousness to me is the consciousness of the divine where it's free of all material world programming of any kind it's that constant state where people will say well why doesn't God do something about we think God's. The false God is just a certain little guy probably on a spaceship somewhere doing whatever is and manipulating everything here through the mind your thoughts but see who you are and that's what you want this is what you want to do to make fast progress is you want to have God-consciousness that means that and as a practitioner and this is I studied as a spiritual healer and as a spiritual healer practitioner of this and so many wonderful wonderful miracles have happened in my life and in people I was working with because of the God-consciousness that never wavers it never changes and it doesn't mean there isn't variety but it is a constant state of knowing and being in the absolute truth and people say well no one knows the absolute truth

 I'm doing the absolute truth which is the fabric that is the fabric of our being is who we are and all that that includes and how you make fast progress of in anything whether it was tennis you'd practice wouldn't you you'd go you take lessons that means you'd get instructions that's right you need to read a book you'd get a teacher but you would do whatever you needed to do to find out how to do that and then you would do it you would call practice it you would do it you're actually doing it not even just practicing but you are doing it and how you maintain God-consciousness and I was saying what he was saying and that's what I do and in it because it works for me he says because he met Tate's on the divine and he studies and he studies from others and he talks it and he's on the phone counseling and doing his practitioner work with students and he's writing truth and even that's like my friends only you know friends to me are people where we can be who we are and we have that agreement to be able to share our highest knowing that our highest truths because we're talking about God we're talking about that which is truth that inspires and you want to get immersed in spirituality.  

What happens if some people think spirituality is you know once a week you go sit in a church or a temple or a synagogue or a mosque or wherever you want to be or you know or outside in your gate however maybe and that's it no you are a divine being and wherever you walk in Holy ground and when you know who you are you're always being who you are and therefore in connection with the divine in God-consciousness and that when we attain that and perpetuate that continuously we make progress meaning all we need is always there in every moment of now.

 I know because of who we are and to be who we are to make and to make fast progress we avoid the petty we avoid that state of consciousness that is at war with us fighting against our own inner knowing and pleasure of the soul that we are that we have are so you make fast progress meditate listen take classes or courses have come to retreats or I work with the counseling on the phone or whoever is your teacher and then you teach and you share and you talk it and you write it and you share it live it immerse yourself and you take a look at why people have the kind of lives they're having the and they're making fast progress into a miserable life because they're immersed in it, they watch it they're in media with it they're texting it they're phoning it they're visualizing it they're seen don't visualize what you don't want never don't say well that's gonna happen nobody knows the future because it's only now and for most people the futures coming from their past because they're bringing their past into the now and it's in the now that your future is coming from yeah make fast progress absorb yourself invest yourself it's the greatest investment that you could ever make because you are a beautiful song and the love you seek is who you are and experience it you have to let yourself have the feeling give yourself one day a week or one day in seven.

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