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How To Be More Productive And Happy In Your Life

In order to be a resourceful and a productive person the human being in this world you have to love yourself loving yourself means respecting who you are and being proud of your actions and the things that you do and the same is true with happiness you see it may seem self-indulgent or perhaps even self-centered to make a priority in your life about being happy but if you're happy for yourself then everyone around you will also be happy because of what you've done.

 There is a writer basically who has put it into simple terms and he said "each one of us owes it to our own spouse, our children, our friends to be as happy as we can be and this is so true because if you think about it in the way that we live today in our lives". It is almost like an open-loop system which depends largely on external sources that way that it matches itself like a bracelet each link is up to another link if at any given time a link is loose or let's go and the whole bracelet becomes useless it breaks. Interesting that studies done on Navy ships they show that commanders of those Navy ships for instance show that the crew tends to catch the mood of the leader even when that person is locked in in his own cabin and it seems that not even communicating with anyone it just spreads that way and there's so much to be done about this you see a writer of something amazing that I read.

 It said that what each of us learns has the potential of becoming a message to all humankind it's just one of us changes our beliefs and if we do that and we teach it to others and we teach for instance happiness and love then that attitude or information goes into the connective tissue of the entire community and it enhances the aptitude for happiness of the entire human group not single energy but multiple damages and it can be impactful on the planet it's the joy of emanating trap eNOS through each and every one of us if you think about that there's so much to be done by respecting who you are and being proud of your actions and knowing that what you're doing is the right thing obviously that is the basis of life because if you're not doing the right thing then how could you affect other people? If you yourself for doing things which are improper, immoral and ethical how could you affect the rest of the world? Let alone change yourself but happiness is something that you can spread with others no matter who you are by choosing to be happy day by day you have the potential to drive emotions in the positive direction of all of those who are around you. Wherever they are whomever they may be children, co-workers, friends, colleagues, neighbors acquaintances, people to whom you're close to or people or not even close to you choosing happiness is a choice that you have every single day and you have the opportunity to make it better.

So as you can see to change the world you don't have to make cataclysmic changes and move mountains and bulldoze your buildings no you just have to make the right decision and be that person with a smile and see everyone that way and if you do that you will affect the world positively that's your choice and I hope you make it right if you like what you've heard.

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  1. I was feeling depressed but your blog motivated me and now i started to be happy in every circumstances. Thanks for sharing such a nice and motivated content.

  2. You have good post i really appreciate it