Attitude of Gratitude: Positive Minds

Attitude of Gratitude: Positive Minds
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For most things in life for contentment, for happiness and for fulfillment I would like to

say the technique is an attitude of gratitude. We have to practice to count  our blessings

this is irrespective of  the situation we are in we'll have loads of blessings it doesn't

matter if you are  poor of your seek or we are you know  whatever conditions we are in

still, we will find a lot of things which we can be proud of which we can be happy.

Shankar Acharya describes as he says out of million living beings birth as a human being

is a blessing one of the greatest blessings to be born as a  human being what is the

difference between human beings and other living beings. Human beings in the process of

evolution human beings have a highly developed and the cortex part of the brain is highly

developed for human beings but for other living beings the development of cortex is very

limited what does this mean this means human beings can be aware of their feelings at any

given the point of time.

 Suppose if  I  am sad I know am sad if I know if I am  happy I know I am happy if I am

hungry I  know I am hungry while other living  beings just live a program life in case

they are hungry they have to hunt for  food that is it they do not know  anything that

discrimination capability  is lacking in other human beings while  we humans have the

discriminating  capability and we have awareness of our  own feelings so same feeling same

 capability. We can use for our betterment we have to use the same capability to count our

blessings count our gratitude. In the morning when we wake up we have to think about good

things what we have if I have a car or house I am happy with it is my blessing. I have to

have gratitude towards that having a  car or house or maybe last night I had one-time

food. I was lucky to get one time for I have to have gratitude to us that similarly to the

richest of the rich things and to the poorest of the poor things.

So, we need to develop an attitude of gratitude and in the  morning first thing we need to

do is we  have to thank the nature or thank our  surrounding and count this gratitude

count of blessings and for the whole day  as they progress for the whole day we  have to

maintain the mood of the  gratitude so stress or daily problems  will never bother us we

will always be  in a mood of good gratitude our good  feeling so it is a count

continuous  practice it is not easy to do is not a  one day's practice it says it is a

continuous practice so we have to keep  practicing the attitude of gratitude and go  beyond

mind helps us. 

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