3 Effective Ways To Overcome Self Doubt And Start Believing In Yourself

Have you ever been struggled to find confidence in your life?

how to overcome self doubt and believe in yourself

If I am honest I have also struggled with myself before with confidence and it makes me feel anxious and I start getting fearful to the results, if I have to make a video I always struggled with confidence, because I was much more conscious about the people's opinions so that makes me feel very uncomfortable but yes that what not I am gonna discuss about because now I am much more confident and the same tips that I follows to overcome self-doubt I will share with you here.

1) Make a commitment

Yes, make a commitment to yourself it is something that you need to condition  yourself  to do and throughout your entire life through every single journey  that you go and there's always going to  be some self-doubt so it's not about you  know becoming self doubtless it's about  having the tools to overcome it each  time it crops it up. Plus you need to start and practice to work on your limiting beliefs so limiting beliefs are obviously beliefs that do not serve you as a person and for the most part, these limiting beliefs are not real but your belief in yourself are the real ones that will make you free from self-doubts.

2) Step out from your comfort zone

The second steps that you need to take it to overcome self-doubt overcoming  self-doubt is to stepping outs from your comfort zone but it's not about being fierce fearless because you know we can't be fearless, we can't take away fear but what we can do is we can lessen that fear so break down  'FEARLESS' to "FEAR LESS". 

The best way to do that is to think about any fear you wants to overcome but do remember do not put your life at risk. Start with something small fear because that fear will keep you safe as long as you know you can face it. So, making sure we look out for all those dangers but what you want to do is kind of think about that fear and think is it a rational fear. What's the worst that could happen and if you could cope with the worst that could happen.

 So, for example going back into work after  being out of work for some time perhaps  you've been a stay-at-home and now you're thinking about going  into the workplace again that can be  really really nerve-wracking and you  could be like oh I'll wait - the  confidence to apply for that job but if  you break it down okay what's the worst  that could happen if I went for that job  and I didn't get it what's the worst  that could happen, you might feel it might dent your confidence but actually it might do the  opposite and it might give you more  confidence break the fear down think to  yourself fear.

 It's just a chemical in our  brain is it genuinely something to be  fearful of and when you do just the  smallest baby step towards doing what  you're feeling like you're waiting for  the confidence to do just by doing one  step a day you will look back and you're  thinking like gosh I did that and your  confidence will grow so just think about. This is something I had a few years ago, but then I started stepping out from my comfort zone and now I am more confident and  I believe in myself more than before.

3) Re-programming your brain

Be mindful and be quick and recognized when your brain is coming up with excuses about things that you have planned to do. The human brain takes less than a  nanosecond to start fabricating lies about the situation because it is trying to keep you safe in a comfort zone. Our brain is trying to keep you safe from the triggers. Other  things we might have self-doubt or fear about whenever your brain feels a slight sense of fear is going to keep you in  any way possible from capitalizing on  any opportunity that is in front of you  so you need to become mindful of when you start making up excuses and realize your brain is just telling you  things that are not real.

So, you have to understand how quickly our brain finds a way to makes excuses and you start doubting yourself but that's not the reality you have to say to yourself that I am capable to do this out take the opportunities without fearing of the results.

So, these are the 3 best ways that can help you as well to overcome your self-doubt. Well, I will be sharing here more tips very soon. Let me know if you have any suggestions or if these steps help you out I any case comment down below.
Love you read em all.

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