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We are sometimes taught that fear is a natural part of life that it is a defense mechanism that can keep us out of harm's way and make us aware of possible dangers while this is true to a certain extent. But fear is not at all healthy when it stops us from enjoying everyday life and that leads to missing out on exciting opportunities.

Today I want to share my thoughts on how to get rid of your fears and how to overcome the fear of whatever it may be.

overfear in easy ways

 We all have a different kind of fears in our life and they hold us back from living the life that we actually want. You may have certain fears that you know you want to get rid of right now but maybe you're just not able to do it so let's move further and see how you can actually overcome your fear and anxiety. We know what we're afraid of something (your fears) but we're just not able to overcome it and we don't even know how to go about this process.

1) Meditation
I suggest you to start meditating at least for  10-15 minutes a day just not doing anything and just sitting in a calm place and just being with yourself and notice what you're thinking about and just let it go again and again and again simply just come back and on to focusing on your breath.
As you continue to meditate and you make a habit of it a  consistent habit. As you make it a lifestyle over time you will naturally  start to see that this fear just fades away not only that does your fear fade  away but you actually learn more about your true self and you gain more  confidence in your true self and now you learn to start to express yourself and do the things that you want to do rather  than always just holding back due to  fear.

2) Having the spirit of love and faith  
Instead of the spirit of fear this powerful teaching and concept can work. Wonders in your life when you put it to practice when you focus on fearful thoughts you set yourself up for the same consequences you will never do new things because of fear. You will never grow to learn or achieve just because of the fear taking control of your thoughts, but if you block fearful thoughts and cast them out so you actually open up room in your life for something far more awesome things. By having faith you can tell yourself that you can instead of you can't. Tell yourself that you are confident instead of insecure tell yourself that you will succeed instead of fail. 

When you start to believe more in yourself and listen to the voice that encourages you and supports you the most amazing changes will start to take place always be patient with yourself. When you're working on how to rid fear from your life these fearful attitudes have been with you for many years in all likelihood be kind to yourself by allowing yourself space and time you need to grow and to find encouragement and support from the ones you love and trust.


If you want to get over your fear that you have the first step you can start with by facing and believe me it's the only way you are going to get over your feelings of fear. If you're scared of  going into crowds of people then that's exactly what you do you go into a crowd  of people however you don't just jump straight in at the deep end you take small steps you start off with a  small crowd of people  maybe five or ten people to build your confidence levels up and when you've done that you will feel proud of yourself  it's an accomplishment you've done it.

 Next step, go to a room or a place with more people and build it up from that until you are over your fear or you can control your fear of crowded places. If  you're scared of water the same thing  applies there to find a place that's not  too high off the ground look down at the  ground see how high you are then building the distance of the height from the ground gradually up till you get higher and higher and higher and higher then  guess what you're over your fear of  heights.

 I know it sounds difficult and I  know it is so scary but that's why I  said you start off small don't jump straight in at the deep end build your way up and as your confidence grows you will grow and your fear will diminish and that's the only way to overcome fear is to face it.

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