When you feel stuck in your life remember this.

A lot of people ask me how are you happy? How do you stay balanced how do you really stay connected to your best self ??

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Well today, I want to talk to you about if you feel stuck and how you can get unstuck in your life?

This thing called Life and some people may call a Marathon but I use to say it's a process, yes it's a process as I remember Mother Theresa was saying something that really stunned me. She said whenever I thought I had a control on my life the control just got broke. But now I have figured this thing out and I found out it wasn't really right because I was living off somebody else's imagination.

 The audacity to change the things that I can which are me and the wisdom to know the difference

and when you approach life in that spirit of humility it gives you power, creativity, and gratitude to make the journey so you got to look at your dreams, desire and goals and if you've been running into a wall it doesn't mean that you can't get through.  And I didn't know and I thought I knew and that's why a lot of people get caught off guard and a lot of people feel like life. It had fooled them or they were living in an illusion or they had snatched out from under them. But I say one of the best ways to go through life is to have a spirit of optimism and to be open to the possibilities and  it simply means that you need to find someone who's on the other side or find someone who knows someone who's on the other side

You're no longer happy where you are in life but shifting your life could be a really great beneficial thing for you especially when you're feeling kind of like just in a weird phase. We're just so overwhelmed with our thoughts that we're not really living our day to day life. Right now if you're not happy where you are there's really nothing to lose, so shifting and changing and bringing new things into your life as well as detoxing the things that are no longer bringing you fulfillment in your life such as people things or situations.  It's a really really great way to get out of that mindset of just feeling black do something new every single day try different things out, get out of your comfort zone and use this as a time to start implementing change in doing things that you think will drive your happiness.

And if you don't know what that is yet try something new there's no sense of loss when we try different things and hop around a little bit in life. Always remember there's only gain if you don't like it or it was a mistake you learn from it and then if you do like it you can change your whole entire perspective and your home tired life. So change is a good thing and this may be a sign that change is needed in your life when we are feeling kind of in a rut and stuff we don't want to just stay stuck in our thoughts because we're not really doing anything just feeling sorry for ourselves.

Secondly, you have to free yourself we need to learn to accept, allow and release these feelings. Feel it out accept where  you are and don't overthink or  overanalyze your situation right now  because again is not doing anything when  you're feeling stuck we tend to kind of  label ourselves as like we're not going  anywhere we're stuck and we just label a  label but we're labeling our reality  into what we think it should be that's  not okay. You can't just think of what  should be it just is it simply is and  when we learn that you know what this is  where I am right now  and I'm okay with that and you accept  that and release and let go of  everything that you're thinking and just  over analyzing that's when things can  start feeling better.

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