Manifest Your Life Dreams Before You Go to Sleep

Do you really want to manifest your dreams, then you should continue reading this article.

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Go into the realm of the unlimited  potential and possibilities and to  manifest your life before you fall  asleep one of the best times to  purposefully create your life is as you  are drifting off to sleep not only do  you have a fantastic night's sleep when  you are imagining and feeling like your  dreams have already come true but it is  an intensely powerful time as you are  moving through Alpha Theater and then  into Delta brainwaves.

If you have  followed any of the wonderful Dr. Joe  Dispenza's work you will be aware of  the importance of creating your life as  opposed to being a victim of it it is  crucial to have some kind of vision for  your life a direction you want to go we  are powerful creators and it is a part  of our joy to take the required  responsibility for our creations. Ask yourself the question am I creating the  worst case scenario for my life with my  thoughts and feelings or am I creating  the best case scenario are you knowing  and believing in your unlimited  potential and the possibility of  fulfillment of your dreams  or are you believing in limitation lack  and boundaries gain momentum by  maintaining a positive expectation for  yourself.

For your life believe in  yourself and in your connectedness to  that which is greater than the  individual walking the path towards your  vision  you don't have to know how your grid is  going to fill in you don't have to know  all the details of how your vision will  unfold but you need to first be  willing to see it to allow yourself to  desire and dream to hear your soul  speaking to you-you must be open to the  possibility of your worthy and deserving  nature to allow yourself to. 

Step into  the being you are becoming the most  important thing to do is to allow  yourself to dream allow yourself to  believe and follow your path before you  sleep is a magnificent opportunity to  vision and spread your desired feelings  into the infinite space of now so as  responsible authentic beings write down  what you want to create images for a  moment that there are absolutely no  limitations on your life experience just  imagine what that would be like you can  have been or do anything that brings you joy.

I am sure you have at least one area  of your life you would like to be  creative in it could be your career, health & fitness, romantic relationships, family spirituality , abundance travel& holiday or  experiences you would like to have we  will just choose one for the point of  this exercise I want you to imagine that  it has already occurred and you are  already living it. Write your intentions  down like it has already happened by  using words such as I am I have and I  can stay away from the words I will and  I want as they will change your  vibration to one of not yet having of  lack and waiting none of which do we  want to encourage additionally this is  how we become resonant with our desires.  

We align to them by developing the capacity to vibrate at the same frequency of them we are saying to the universe this is me this is who I am this is what is in my life so bring on that which is equal to this frequency.  That is how the law of attraction works.  So, think about your dreams and desires in the context of now this very present moment what are you doing I can be wavy and healthy,  I can live with pride and confidence to anything, and what are you feeling I am. You are living it now so you can also write about how it feels to be there what are the main feelings you expect to experience when you are living your dreams.

Do you expect to feel joy and happiness?  Do you expect to feel grateful? Do you feel loved connected? That's what you need to write down how you expect to feel when it has become and it is done take the time you need to complete this exercise for you once, you have completed the visioning exercise. Now use to create your reality meditation to take you forward into that new place of being and walk through the doors of the unlimited and unbounded potential that exists in the infinite space. That is within and around you. You are a part of source (includes everything  every single potential the infinite has  within it) within you so you are  connected to all of those potentials  they exist within you also it is simply  a matter of choosing what you would like  to experience in the space of the  infinite and holding true to that  potential remember following your joy  and taking inspired action will always  lead you along the path of fulfillment and to success.

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