How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure: Positive Minds

To create the very best version of yourself and what do I mean by that that as we look at ourselves and take a look at our dreams and life goals there are few certain things that we just cannot allow to go without having our attention.

We all are living in a world where we believe that bad  things are supposed to happen but first of all, we got to reprogramme our minds and let us repeat  "GOOD THINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN TO BE IN MY LIFE"

fear of failures
How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

In this post, I will share two of the major challenges that something we are all afraid of in all the areas of our life and the best way to overcome with this fear is to stand and face it or we can say just deal with it also by choosing to live your life and to do the things that always scares you. 

We know we all have some fears and the best way to overcome your fear is to continue to live life without paying any attention to that fear. 

Sometimes, we afraid to fail in certain endeavors, certain projects and in many other different areas of life but the people  who see breakthrough and the people who have success in specific areas of life  is because  they do what they set out to do, they do what  they want to do even though they are afraid to fail obviously that is easier  said than done.

So, how to overcome the fear of failure?

Accept the risk

I know for some people this sounds crazy but yes you have to accept the risk of your decisions in a positive outcome.

For example, when I was with my partner I always wanted everything guaranteed, I wanted the end of our story in a perfect way the way I want. I want to get married because that was the only thing that could make better our life and relationship. But I  had some fears coz I'm much more of a realist than an idealist. My partner is more romantic, lovey, kindful and helpful by nature than me, so I feel like for people like me we're much more aware of  risks and everything that could go wrong  and everything that can go bad and I'm also a little bit more critical by nature too, so if you relate to me in  those areas you might have  this specific fear because you're afraid you're aware of  everything that could go wrong and so  that can actually paralyze you. 

This fear of failure can actually paralyze you, you don't do anything and you cannot stay there in that situation so in order to overcome this fear of failure you've got to accept that whatever comes on your way you've got to accept the risk.

Technically, we know we don't get any guarantees for our decisions, we don't get the guarantee that the future is going to be exactly how we want it to be. So we really just have to accept the risks. We have to accept the risk that things could go in the wrong directions.

So, instead of being stuck in fear you must to say like I want to erase my fears, you must be  faith-filled and not fear-filled yeah that is absolutely true but to get that  faith and to be able to walk through faith  the very first thing that you have to start walking, just take a few steps you have to just  start moving in that direction that you  think is the right direction for you.

I know a lot of us are just used to embrace the fears of life so maybe you just need to take a few steps with that fear and then eventually that fear will be pushed out of the way and that fear has no control over you and you would be able to control your life and you will be filled with more confidence.

So, just consider what I am doing with my life? Then if I  have no fear of failure ever in my life I'm doing nothing new. My life is still the same and probably pretty fucking boring so if you are that one who can relate this with all of that, I hope and wish that you will apply this to your life to overcome the fear of failures.


Accepting the risk that is the biggest challenge so you might say to yourself that I am gonna face it get through it no matter what, because taking a very first step towards your fear will only let you get over your fears of failure and always remember things will sometimes not work according to the plan (you might get failed) but you don't have to stop yourself there just because of failing, in fact, you have to learn from that situation, try again and never give up to your dreams.

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