How To Find Your Life's Purpose

 Are you a  dreamer?

It's very important that you understand the things that I'm sharing with you today I feel like I'm a man on a mission I feel like  God sent me to you for a reason and I am so overwhelmed to deliver this word every time.  I get this word out I feel a little bit better somebody needs this word somebody's life is gonna be changed today. Somebody's on  the verge of going to another level  you've been held up and held back and  hindered by people who didn't understand  where you were coming from because they  didn't see it and they didn't perceive  it and they didn't understand it but God is getting ready to do something new and  something fresh and something  significant in your life If you're going to be effective number one you must identify the source of your  dream  you must identify  the source of your dream where did your  dream come true?  This is very important that you understand it because some of us have been the urgent dreams from parents, mentors, and people who wanted to influence us and people who wanted to live vicariously through you. So they start pointing you toward what they think and you honor them and if your dream is born through somebody else's desire you can be the story trying to fulfill it.  People are always wanted a doctor in  their family and they're always wanted  adenosine their family and always want a  lawyer in their family and so they  decide they're going to steer you in  that direction and you're miserable  trying to be something from which God didn't really call you to do and you  weren't created to do it and you're frustrated trying to do.

How To Find Life's Purpose

 You've received the dreams from other manipulative people who speak into your life and control you. Manipulative people who try to make you  be happy to be something that they want  you to be and you're living out somebody  else's dream and as long as somebody  else's dream you are a prisoner a slave  to their imagination locked up to the  prison of the idea chained to their  opinion and you'll never be free. You might be rich you might be famous you might get the house of the deal but you'll always be miserable until you find out God.

 You must identify the  source of your dream when you identify  the source of your dream you got to rule  out dreams that are born out of  brokenness dreams that are born out of  bad beginnings you're trying to prove  something   because they're trying to prove  something to somebody who may not ever  change their mind in the first place you  cannot allow somebody's opinion to  become your idol. Can you handle this you got to rule out dreams that are born out of your own fleshly desire to be seen to be heard to be recognized to be different to be impressive to be accepted? Always getting tight now this requires deep honesty I mean you might spend a  year or two just going through this first point because it really takes some nerve to lift yourself in though in the face and say why am I doing this and I  mean really be honest strip off all of those scriptures you wrapped around. What  you wanted to do and take a good naked  look and why are you really doing this  if you don't get the nerve to ask  yourself the tough question  about where your dream came from you're  gonna end up in a nightmare like Sarah  who ends up with an Israel by a woman  that she later has to put out of her  house because the whole thing was born  out of the flesh and gone through  Abraham he said I'm gonna bless you but  I'm not gonna bless you through anything  that was born out of your flesh born out  of your pride born  your strike going out of your need to be  recognized and some people need to  understand that your life has been put  on hold for years the enemy couldn't  stop you from going forward but he lets  you have an instrument because it comes  for three things he comes to steal to  kill and destroy and if we can't destroy  you you're trying to steal your life  away from you did you to spend your life  trying to do something that is not going  to be profitable and the worst kind of  servant you can be in the house of God  is an unprofitable servant profit is  what you have left when the transaction  is over you got the right France cuz  I've blown it today baby   Providence wants you to have left when  the transaction is over and when you  start seeing years as five and you don't  have anything to profit you've got to  get the nerve to look at your dream and  say why I'm doing what I'm going and SS  bushes so that he'll try to get the  promise to me Ishmael look you, somebody, God's gonna change  your life today.

 I believe that God is to liberate you from everything that entangled you from finding the purpose of God in your life and living out that purpose of living out that dream with a  sense of fulfillment some of you are literally going to feel handcuffs fall off of you change fall off of you. You're going to be liberated in places you've never been liberated before free to express yourself free to discover yourself free to move into avenues that were controversial because God did not call you to repeat somebody else's success. God is to take you where no man had never gone before to do things that no woman has ever known what do you think he meant when he said I will do a  new thing in you God wants to do something fresh in you. In order to do that you have to go to  God and say Lord give me my dream  give me the dream that you have for me  this comes from communing with God give  me the dream God is so  specific if you were get in his face and  weight and stop running off with half  the information God will give you a  complete picture of what he's going to  do in your life it will include who you  need to be around how you need to dress  where you need to go how you need to  confess yourself what do you think of me. When it says the steps of a good man are  ordered by the Lord God is going to give  you details specifics he has a dream for  your life but you have to seek Him and  in order to seek Him you have to shut up  your ears against what everybody's  saying and hear what the Spirit of the  Lord is saying down inside of you. So you can find out what God has for you my colorful images deep call it on the deep colors underneath the deep the depth of God calling out to the depth in your human spirit.

 God begins to  communicate with you and gives you a  vision a dream of what he's going to do  with you in your life whether you  know it or not you are spending your  life right now more important than your  money more important than your - more  important than your clothes or anything  else to possess you are spending your  life on something god that killed. You need to rush into the face of God  show me myself  show me what you have for me show me  what your purpose is for my life help me  to line myself up with your predestined  predetermined purpose so that I can move  into the center of your wheel for my  life and merge me when I get there so  that the enemy that tricked me out of my  place.  

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