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Today I want to share with you how important it is to carefully watch your thoughts and how successful people think. Our thoughts determine how our life looks like. You think that sounds crazy well I want you to imagine the situation you want to take the bus to go to work at University and usually need five minutes and there is a bus station but today you have only two minutes left so though it seems impossible to catch the bus you decide to run and just give it a try so you step outside the door and while running you have two options now you can either think oh damn I'm Way too late I won't make it I will miss the bus and you late. One shitty day all you have another option to think well  I'll still have two minutes left  I can make it I would catch the bus and be on time at work today is a good day.

How successful people think

As I'm a person that is most of the time 15 minutes late I know the situation for my whole life where I run and try to catch the bus so some month before I  started my own business I  had a mind-changing experience again I  try to catch a bus but this time I  really thought positively I really thought I can make it and guess what I  caught the bus so you might call it like but I experienced many times afterward and many other situations where I had this kind of thinking that I deeply believed in it that I can make it and that I put all action in it to make it happen somehow things turn out much better for me and increase my life quality.

So what do you usually think in this kind of situation, for example, this bus situation most of the times we tend to think the negative way if you're truly honest with ourselves but why are we telling to think so negative about the outcome of our efforts I assume we are afraid in case we don't reach our goals and we would be disappointed or we are afraid of what other people may think of us if we don't reach our goals. So I want to tell you that you have in every kind of situation two possibilities to think either negative or positive. If you're in this kind of situation just give it a try and turn around. This negative I can't make it I can't do it into a positive I  will do it I will make it thought and if you want to train your mind oh I forgot this if you think this you have to repeat it and not only do it once you have to make positive thinking a habit.

So if you want to train your mind you can easily write every evening down what was the positive thing of your day and what was a negative thing of your day and you probably see that most of the times the positive moment outweighs the negative and so you can train to focus more on the positive things let me give you another example out of my life that shows how much positive thoughts and our images in our mind can help us to make our dreams come true.

The law of attraction that is coming to your life you are attracting this into your life. It's being attracted  by the images you hold in your mind it's  what you are thinking whatever is going  on in your mind you are attracting this  and always remember that and if you're interested in this topic I would  recommend you the movie THE SECRET but only by sitting at home and hoping and  wishing for a better life nothing will  ever change you have to take action,

So the first step is to think about what you truly want not your parents, not your friends not society or anyone else with some expectations about your life so if you know what you deeply thrive for just try to imagine how the situation would look like and how you will feel in the situation and then if you walk around but open ears and eyes opportunities will show up to you and then you have to take action and not let it pass say yes to the opportunities that show up in your life. Usually, we don't feel prepared enough for it I'm not ready for it because we see all the negative things and we focus on our fears there is an opportunity showing up and we could just let it pass but I  have to take action and focused on being courageous and that's the difference between successful. Successful people take action.

Secondly, How can we create a successful mindset or how successful people think?

To train our brain is quite easy we can easily replace our all distract of the leaf sets through a healthy and successful mindset. Just write down on a little piece of paper that is taped on your mirror or somewhere in your room with some affirmations and repeat to yourself every day it sounds so easy. I  know but you realized within like some weeks a month almost automatically your perception will be changed and just to give you some inspiration maybe for your new mantras to create a positive mindset I will give you some examples from my piece of paper so of course, on the first its I see the positive things in every situation, I  determine my success, I focus on the things that I can change and not other things that I can't change and an open and grateful for the changes in my life so make sure if you write down your mantra sentence so the things that are important to you that you write positively and don't use the word NO. So you better follow this hack and as higher you set your goals the higher you will go(achieve) and know-how successful people think the more effort you will invest and the more you will do to reach your goals.

So if you think about your goals always aim high and dream big to be open and willing to learn lessons along the road and always keep in mind that our thoughts determine our success in life.

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