Focus Your Brain Power For Higher Intelligence: Power of Subconscious Mind

How can you become more intelligent? Can we really increase our intelligence through meditation and through the law of attraction?

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Now first of all before we begin let's understand what intelligence is? When we think about it  well intelligence is basically that when  we have to make a decision when we are  given with or when we are given two or  more options we should be able to choose  one option effectively also when  something new is being explained to us  we should be able to understand it  quickly in has less attempts as possible.  I think that is where intelligence comes plus also when there is something that we already know but we have to recall it and we should be able to recall it accurately and quickly that again is another measure of intelligence.  As we all know there are two parts of the mind one is the conscious mind and the other is the subconscious mind and actually, both of these aspects of the mind come into play when we talk about intelligence.

According to the latest molecular biology tells us that our environment and our thoughts actually rewrite our own genetic code.  That means that if there’s something that you don’t like about your habits or your way of thinking, not to worry.  You can change that, and the neural reconditioning process will help you do that.  Now in the last eight years, there have been  some phenomenal discoveries  about the brain basically because we’ve  got the ability to see inside  the brain through brain scan imagery – things  like MRI(magnetic  resonance imaging) or PET scans, allow us to  see  where you’re thinking, where your behavioral  thoughts come from. So, you have the ability to change right now.  You’ve got the ability to become a different person right now by changing the way you think, by changing the way you behave.  You’re actually changing your total neurological structure in your brain.  Now, if this sounds difficult, it’s actually not.  We just have a better understanding of it right now.

Now, when we talk about the brain, it has evolved over time, and there are different parts of the brain that are responsible to do different things.  What you need to understand is that you can learn how to think properly.  You can learn how to behave properly, that is going to be more in line with your new goals.  Now, as a species, we have evolved over time.  Early in our evolution, we had our reptilian brain, and that reptilian brain was really responsible for keeping us alive.  We were very instinctual.  We operated mostly by instinct.  Well, what’s been happening over the last few millennia is that we have developed a new part of the brain called the frontal lobe.  Now, the frontal lobe is the crowning achievement of mankind.  It’s the crowning achievement because it’s the CEO.  It’s the orchestra leader.  It’s the part of the brain that connects you and me together.  It’s the part of the brain that connects us to this quantum field of intelligence.  It’s the part of the brain that’s responsible for focus,  and for concentration, and for being in a state of observation and that is the state that you and I want to learn to be more in so that we see more things that are in line with what we want.

Secondly, through the Law of Attraction, you attract it, you start to connect right to the quantum field through this frontal lobe.  And so, how do you do that?  Meditation allows you to focus inwardly.  It allows you to hold off any thoughts that are trying to get into your consciousness.  It allows you to stay focused on whatever goal you have.

Have you thought about your spiritual quotient,  your awareness, and understanding of your connection to the source and of all intelligence and creation?  What about your emotional intelligence quotients, EQ, which is multiple intelligences?

There’s new information that suggests that there are different types of intelligence.  There is verbal intelligence or linguistic intelligence, and that is people who really relate to sound or to the meaning and order of words, people who love to read, talk and listen.  What about logical or mathematical intelligence?  Those are people who have demonstrated the ability for mathematics and complex logical systems.  Could you be the person who’s got a musical or rhythmic intelligence?  Musicians, composers, and dancers show this type of intelligence.  What about visual intelligence?  Somebody who has the ability to really perceive the space around them and the world around them easily and that can draw them on paper.

  Which one are you?  Which one resonates with you?  What if by finding your intelligence, by finding your genius and your unique abilities and your passion, you are now given a gift of being able to express yourself?  You are now given a gift where you’re able to feel worthy and feel certain and feel confident.  What if with this gift of discovering your new intelligence, you are able to take that and achieve any goal that you set out to achieve?  Absolutely, you have within you right now everything you need to achieve your goals.  Maybe there’re some changes that need to be made – maybe a few changes in thinking,  maybe a few changes in understanding, maybe a few changes in your behavior.  But guess what?  That is what’s required to achieve something that you don’t have right now. 

Wrapping UP 

 If you were doing all the right things, if you were thinking all the right thoughts right now,  you’d already have achieved what you wanted to achieve.  So, a few minor shifts in your thinking, a  few minor shifts in your behavior, and you’ll be achieving every one of your goals faster and faster and faster and faster.  In the past, I was taught, and many of my peers were taught, to strengthen their weaknesses.  I highly urge you, I beg you, don’t strengthen your weaknesses.  Discover where your intelligence is, and strengthen that.  Discover what you are uniquely gifted to have and be and do, and strengthen that part of your personality.  That’s when life flows.  That’s when goals happen easier for you.  Instead of working against yourself thinking you’re not enough, take the gifts you have and grow with those.  Make those your pillars.  Make those things that help you shine.  Then, find other people who have other intelligence, other gifts, and help them become their allies.  Share your gifts with the world.  Take your gifts to move forward towards your goals and dreams and elicit the help of others.  Your journey will be so much more enjoyable when you focus on what your love is when you focus on how spectacular you are versus focusing on what you’re not good at, what’s not your natural ability, and what you’re not here to do.  We’re not all like each other, but we are all connected, and we need each other to help each other have a happy,  purposeful, fulfilling life. 

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