Don't Show off instead make people comfortable around you .

 Don't show-off if you want to be an influential figure you need to make people around you feel comfortable. People need to feel comfortable around you if you are just constantly showing off all the skills you have you're not going to make people feel very comfortable you're gonna make them feel like they're stupid.  No one wants to be made to feel that way you have to be skilled at certain things to be considered.

There's a big difference between as she/he doing something that's skillful task versus telling people that you're skillful. For example, if a famous Youtuber who has millions of followers just telling everyone that I am the best in this world and no one can chase me then it's just same shit it is showing off. If you do so you'll make people feel stupid and insecure remember that it won't make you superior or a famous person.

 You might think you're being superior no one wants to be around someone that makes them feel stupid we all want to be treated as an equal so to treat people as an equal you must act like an equal around them. You shouldn't act like a king who's superior all these minions these peasants never act like this so like a regular person who happens to be good a certain skill and people respect you for this they enjoy spending the time of you to see you as one of the fellows one of they're.  And yes you also do need to be  skillful and at times need to  demonstrate these skills but demonstrate  these skills by showing these skills not  showing off these skills by  demonstrating them it's a fine balance  between showing people that you on the  authority figure that you know your  subject and also showing off making them  feel stupid you never want people to  feel stupid if anyone feels stupid  around you-you're not using your power  of persuasion correctly.

 You need to actually make people feel happy and comfortable around you and make them respect you but not think you're superior. You have to come up with and need to realize to not be a show-off if you want to be an influencer figure aligned. Always be grateful always say thank you plus thank people when they thank you and when they greet you or praise so you must also greet them back and be thankful for supporting you. And like this they  think you are such a genuine and nice person but if  you just brush pass compliments people think you're disrespectful and they  will not want to spend time with you  there definitely neither will not want to spend  any money with you so just remember  don't be a show-off, you do need to  demonstrate your skills and services you  need to do this without actually showing  off and making people feel insecure and wired. 

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