7 Highly Effective Habits That Will Change Your Life

Daily habits that are so valuable to be doing daily.

Seven habits that are the most life-changing for me and helped me to get where I am now. So you can also follow them and I hope if you are struggling in your life this 7 Highly Effective Habits That Could Change Your Life Forever.

1) The very first habit is that I highly recommend is preparing the night  before by this I mean blocking some time  out of my night to prepare for the next  day so I'm personally like to clean my  desk and make sure that I have a clean workspace for the next day, so I wouldn't mess up with things and waste my morning time in setting up all my stuff in a proper place. this way the next day flows so much smoother I also feel so much more organized and I feel like  I've got my life together I'm never late and I also don't have to waste the most productive time of the day.

2) The second habit is to read I think reading books is so so important in life I've always been a reader but this year I've recently read more and more books I kind of came up with a daily routine I daily read a chapter of any self-help book in the morning.
You know reading books is mentally stimulating and it helps keep your brain active. Your  brain is like a muscle and every time  that you read or do something mind  stimulating it definitely creates a more  active brain and keeps it super  strong it also decreases stress and it's  also so much fun I really just love  diving into a world that I don't know  kind of jumping into the minds of these  authors and it's really really fun for  me and so interesting and I gain a lot of knowledge.

  So reading books has actually helped me and accumulate a lot of knowledge and it's so easy to incorporate into my routine I  do it right when I wake up and have my morning coffee and right at night right before fall asleep. It's so simple I  actually read 14 books so far this year and I am still going strong reading every single day.

3) So, the third habit that I have is gratitude I cannot express the benefit and power of gratitude more gratitude is something that just so benefits that increase your positive thinking your happiness. Your success your love for others and compassion towards others.
It's just a really good way to kind of end your night.

The best ways of showing gratitude that I really like the first one is at night write three things that three people did for you whether that was open the door for you or help you like whatever the case is. Remember the three things that put a smile on your face that other people brought to you and three things that you did to put a smile on other people's faces.
And the next way you can do by just to name three things that  you're grateful for you don't have to  write it down you can just literally say  it or just go through it your day and  just when you're grateful for something  kind of notice it and stay in that  moment and the feel the gratitude while  you're going through it your day.

4) The fourth habit is to stimulate your brain doing things such as crossword puzzles or Sudoku doing actual puzzles and other certain things that stimulate your brain is a really good mental exercise and helps create analytical thinking for yourself and helps you become better at problem-solving it's just really good. Again it's mentally stimulating and it's kind of like a brain exercise and keeps your brain strong and healthy it actually boosts your brain activity because it is a mental exercise so it's just very powerful it actually increases your concentration and your brain processing speed.

5) The fifth thing to  do is to set a daily plans or goals setting daily plans or goals it's something extremely powerful and a lot of successful  people do this but having a daily  plans or goals creates kind of a change  throughout each and every day and it  creates a kind of focal point and a focus that  you're kind of aligning your day around  which can help you attain your goals  that much faster.

 But always remember creates more of an open broad  plans or goals rather than a limit kind of  set point and that would kind of create  stress having a more limitless plans or goals  creates more open space and flow in your  day you're aligning your daily actions  to align with the life that you want I  find that when I create daily intentions  I get more goals done throughout the day.

6) The sixth habit which  is writing your to-do list and that before  a lot of people think there's no  difference between writing your to-do  list and that before or when you start  your work or in the morning however  there is a huge difference way back when  I used to write them in the morning my  to-do lists were never completed and  my days would be so much more  unproductive but now I know better  firstly it's super important to wake up  with a reason and when you wake up you  know exactly what you're doing for the  day and you're so much more determined  that makes you so much more productive  for the day and secondly it's super  important to have a visual idea of your  day so a visual plan really helps your  day flow so much smoother and helps you  get more things done.

7) So the seventh thing that I have is to Exercise daily but hey every day if you're feeling lazy that's not a sign to just sit in bed and do nothing try just stretching or take a  little leisurely walk. A lot of us have jobs where we sit all day and sitting  all day is killing us when you start  walking and incorporating movement into  your day it will not only get your body  flowing but just increase your happiness  so if you do have an office job at lunch  maybe go take a walk around the block  when you go to the bathroom every time  instead of taking the easy route why  don't you go take a walk around the  lobby and then go to the bathroom just  little things like that to incorporate  daily movement into your routine is so important.

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