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I'm gonna be sharing with you guys 5 best ways to get quality sleep at night. These five tips that are scientifically proven to help you get in that relaxation state and get the sleep that you need for your mental as well as physical health.
                      5 Best Ways To Sleep good at night

As we all know sleep is super super important so I'm gonna go ahead and just jump right into it the first way to get good quality sleep is CBD (CANNABIDIOL) has been known to work with sleep and this is sourced naturally.

1) CBD oil, yes CBD oil has so many different benefits including reducing anxiety helping with muscle recovery inflammation as well as chronic pain. I  personally believe in CBD oil  I like the beneficial qualities of it  CBD is sourced from the hemp plant but  it does not have THC in it so you don't  get the high effects TVD is a completely  natural source so if you are used to  like getting sleeping pills or  over-the-counter medicine to help with  your sleep they only tend to have a lot of  different chemicals in it where this is  a completely derived source from the  earth literally from the hemp plant. The  CBD reacts to receptors in the brain in your body for therapeutical benefits because CBD is becoming like world-renowned there are so many different companies who are mass producing it so it's important to find good quality CBD. Otherwise, you're not going to get all of the benefits.

2) The second tip that I have for getting quality sleep is ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) if you guys watch a lot of YouTube I'm sure you guys have heard of ASMR. If you watched it and you don't understand  like the full benefits of ASMR I feel  like you'd be like what the hell am I watching too what are other people watching  this is so weird but it's actually a  therapeutic technique AMR stands for  Autonomous Sensory Meridian response it  is a therapeutic technique like a  scientifically proven therapeutic  technique for relaxation.

You will understand unless you  fully experience it a lot of people  listen to ASMR with headphones in  because I think outside noises can affect the response that your body has  for it I guess you just kind of have to  find your own trigger so if you have  time maybe try watching a few videos or  trigger videos and find your specific  trigger

 3) The third tip that has for falling asleep is to read but not just reading anything I think reading Fiction fun books that don't require a lot of thinking. If you're reading a self-help book or nonfiction book and you're learning something. It  kind of sparks that motivates in your  head and you can end that mindset of  learning and growth and inspiration and  you tend to not fall asleep because  you're kind of getting excited and your  mind is waking up you're literally  working out your mind so you want to  read something that kind of slows your  mind down, so a fiction book is really  really something that I personally like  reading at night.

4) The fourth tip that I have is the four seven eight breathing technique so this technique is a breathing technique that slows your breathing down and gets you into that relaxation state so you're gonna rest the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth right in front of your front teeth. The first thing to do is with your lips open kind of give a whooshing exhale of your breath and just exhale everything out of your lungs. The second step you're gonna close your lips and inhale through your nose quietly and count to four. Third step is to hold your  breath for seven seconds this is the  most important part and then the fourth  step is that whooshing exhale again but  you're gonna exhale for eight seconds so  try doing this a few times and see if  that helps get your mind into the  relaxation state generally you should be  falling asleep within like a couple of minutes.

5) The fifth tip that I have for  falling asleep quickly is to take a hot  bath or a hot shower really hot steam up  your bathroom get sweaty like make it a  sauna the sudden drop of temperature in  your body is what helps you get that  deep rest but in fact is that it's not  the heat that gets your body to fall  asleep quickly but it's actually the  cooling down process so when your body  drops suddenly and then you need to cool  down that energy that it takes to cool  your body down kind of drained you and  makes you really tired. So when you're taking a hot bath or a hot shower you generally feel tired after so the cooling down period is ultimately what relaxes you.

So, these were the 5 best ways to sleep faster at night, and I believe this will help you out to develop a habit to have a quality sleep at night. I know there are many others best ways as well, but this is just a short article but I will update this soon with more new best ways that will help you to sleep faster at night, (or I will make some new more post related to this same topic).

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