5 Best tips to wake up early in the morning: Positive Minds

I  would love to share some of my proven tips to wake up early in the morning so that you can wake up a little bit earlier to give yourself a more productive and mindful day. I've always  been a morning person  I love the mornings but the reason I  like the mornings is because you wake up  in that super bright and sunny out and  when I wake up now at 5 in the morning  it's still dark which took me a while to  kind of get used to because it was dark. I like waking up with the Sun all bright.

                                             best ways to wake up early in the morning

So I'm gonna be going through  things that you can do the night before  things you could do when you actually  have to wake up as well as the morning
Here are my 5 tips that will definitely help me change that around and actually enjoy waking up at 5 in the morning every single day.

1) The first tip that I have for you is to do a 10 to 20 minute clean up. The night before so the night before is really important to ensure that you're having a good morning because you're kind of setting up being able to wake up in a happier mindset so doing a 10 to 20 minutes clean will ensure that your environment is nice and clean and all declutter. So that when you're waking up you don't wake up to a cluttered mess and just want to crawl back into your bed.

2) Apart from that cleaning stuff the second tip is something else that you can do the night before is to set your goals or setup plan your day the night before so this is really really important because not only have you cleaned your environment and declutter that but you're also mindfully decluttering. We have so many different thoughts and so many different emotions and things that we want to accomplish the day before.  When you wake up with all that clutter  in your mind again it's so much easier  to just huddle back into your bed and go to bed and not wake up because you don't  want to deal with it right now because  we're just in that really tired groggy  mindset when we wake up so when you sit there and plan out your day not only do  you have something to look forward to  but you've already decluttered your mind  so you're waking up with a clean  environment you're waking up with a  clean mind and you are ready to start  the day because you're more inspired and  you have your day already planned and  you're ready to just tackle the day so  when it comes to actually wake up.

3)The third tip Set your alarm away from you like actually having to get up to set off  your alarm and not only will you pitch  news less but you are already up and  awake you are more likely to stay up and  awake when you set your alarm and you're  sleeping and your phone is right there  and your alarm goes off it's so easy to  just turn that off and turn back around  because you're already sleeping. You've had literally one second to wake up to turn off your alarm so you're still in that like again groggy tired mindset. Whereas if you set your alarm farther  away from your bed you have to actually  get up to go turn it off you have fooled your mind because you're standing up you've walked around a little bit so  you're more awake and have had time to  wake up more than just having your alarm  like right next to you.

4) The fourth  tip that I have for you guys is to set  your atmosphere so you have a  decluttered little space you kind of cleared out your mind you're ready to  start the day you're up and ready to go  but then you look around and everything  is just like so dark and  you know  turn on some lights put some twinkle  lights on light a candle put on some  nice cozy coffee house music.
 Establishing a good environment definitely, play a role and getting you up and being happier and positiveness about it.

  I personally  like to close my blinds because I do  wake up before the Sun is up so when I  close my blinds it like makes me feel  like it's morning time because I'm not  seeing the darkness and I put my lights  on so it just ensures that I'm more of  like awake and it less likely to get in  that mental sabotage of telling myself  it's not even set out why am I awake  so it's really important that you're  setting your environment up to be more  happy and motivated.

5) Last tip that I  had and just doing something to ensure productivity you don't want to start your day being lazy you want to start your day being productive that way again it will flow throughout your day. So don't wake up and immediately go on  social media because that can again create negative emotions you can become  a little bit lazy put things off get  kind of wrapped into that mindset of  just clicking and clicking and clicking  until like an hour's pass ,Try to  doing mindless tasks like you know listening to a podcast or  getting up and showering and getting  ready going to like workout read a book it'll make you feel good and productive  and get you in a happy mindset rather  than feeling like a  be in the morning.

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